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Irina Inayat


Safety In Numbers


About Me

I have over 16 years of experience in accounting and working in multinational companies and I now specialise on providing expert accountancy services for small and growing businesses.

That is what I enjoy. 

Unlike most other companies, I prefer working for and with fewer businesses, but with more care and holisticly - personally undertaking all their accountancy work rather than passing elements of that work to more junior staff leading to disjointed outcomes.

That is the Penn Accounts way.

What I do

Keyboard and Mouse

Business Structures

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Penn Group of Companies

Holistic solutions to your legal, financial and accountancy needs

Established in 2007, Penn Group is a unique "one-stop" solution for a wide range of professional services that give you peace of mind: protecting you, your loved ones and your wealth - across legal, financial services and accountancy disciplines.


The Group has grown alongside our clients and the list of services we provide has been curated over time to provide our clients with what they need. We are now, proudly, the go-to professionals for many who see the advantages of being able to resolve complex issues under one roof at the same time.


Our advisors in law, financial services and accountancy collaborate across our sister companies, communicate with each other, and work towards your desired goals. Each department and each expert advisor offers their own perspective based on their professional opinion and dovetail that advice to deliver the best outcomes for you. 

"If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way"

Napoleon Hill

Office with a View

Let’s Connect

13 Austin Friars London EC2N 2HE

0207 183 6624

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